Lesson Ideas for Sentence Fluency

Stretch the sentence involves giving a group of students each a basic sentence. Students need to add one word to the sentence, then pass their sentence to the left and add one word to the last sentence written. To debrief- ask students to select the BEST sentence from the list (Was it the shortest? The longes? In between?) to discuss the need to vary sentence length in writing. This activity is also ripe for conventions mini-lessons!! The handout contains sample simple sentences.

Lesson ideas for comparing sentences to help students develop a sense of style.

At times in teaching ideas, students begin to think that the longest sentence is the best sentence. This worksheet is a strategy to help students become more concise in their writing - yet still convey the main ideas. Also good for ideas and word choice.

Lesson ideas for teaching Occasion/Position sentences from Step Up to Writing.

Fooling with Words is a 2000 PBS Documentary produced to show students how enjoyable poetry can be. Covering the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival in New Jersey (the "Woodstock of Poetry") the documentary filmed poetry readings, listener responses, and writing workshops. The attachment contains modern poetry and lessons to accompany them. The lessons also work well with word choice, organization, and voice.